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Smoking shall not be permitted in any competition or spectator areas during any Little Athletics competition.


Little Athletics understands the harmful affects of smoking on health, fitness and performance in sport, and as a result has adopted the following Policy.


Premises and competition areas are declared smoke free zones – smoking permitted only where a special smoking area is designated.

Athletes / Participants are reminded that smoking adversely affects performances and are prohibited from smoking at all whilst engaged in Little Athletics activities.


Coaches and Officials are reminded of their responsibilities as role models particularly with juniors and are asked to refrain from smoking whilst coaching or officiating in our sport.


Spectators are reminded smoking is inappropriate behaviour in a sporting environment and are asked to respect our Smoking Policy.


Visiting Athletes, Coaches, Officials and Administrators are also asked to respect our Codes of Conduct and Non Smoking Policy.

Poor Weather Cancellations

The Centre Management Committee will make every endeavour to conduct the competition for each scheduled meeting, however bad weather can intrude. As a general rule, competition can be held in light intermittent showers with the exception of high jump, hurdles and javelin. If rain is continuous, there is lightning or if the fields have had a large amount of water in the proceeding days it is likely that competition will be cancelled.


In the case of wet weather please do the following to check if our events are proceeding:

  • Check this Website or Facebook from 5:30pm on the day of competition for updates.

  • Call the Centre mobile phone – 0423 792 765 after 5.30pm on Friday nights.

  • Do not call until after 5.30pm as the final decision will not be made until that time.



Social Media Usage

Users are reminded that Facebook is a public space on the internet and many interactions are publicly viewable and searchable over time. Strathpine Spitfires Little Athletics and Facebook have strict guidelines on discrimination and intimidation.


Therefore, we take a strong stance on deleting content which is discriminatory, hateful or threatening and actions which may offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate. Strathpine  Spitfires Little Athletics Facebook page comments and messages are ‘postmoderated’.


This means that comments will be published automatically and reviewed by Strathpine Spitfires Little Athletics after publication. While we review public comments on a regular basis,  there may be times when inappropriate or offensive posts or comments that do not meet the terms of use appear before they will be removed.

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