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Parent Help

The Strathpine Little Athletics Centre is run SOLELY BY VOLUNTEERS. Committee members and officials are not paid for the work they do running the Centre. Much of this work goes on ‘behind the scenes’ throughout the whole year, with the day-to-day administration of running such a large sports club taking up many hours.


Each Friday night competition, it takes up to 100 PEOPLEto run the program properly and efficiently. The Centre is heavily dependent on parent help to operate smoothly and quickly. Lack of parent help can result in lengthy delays at events, so it is in all our best interests to lend a hand.


As a parent of a Strathpine Little Athletics Centre athlete, it is a requirement that you commit to helping out at least 10 times throughout the season. At the beginning of each season, each family is charged a Parent Help Levy of $80. If you complete the required 10 nights of parent help, your Parent Help Levy of $80 will be refunded at the conclusion of the season. You are required to complete a minimum of 5 nights of parent help for your athlete to receive their end of season award. There are 21 nights of competition throughout this season, so this is very reasonable and attainable number. 


This season we are using an ‘Online Parent Help Roster System’ using the ‘Sign Up by’ application. When you sign on, each family will need to create a free account on ( This application can be downloaded from the AppStore on your mobile phones or other devices (i.e. iPads, etc.). On the Wednesday night to each Friday Night Competition, we will open up a range of Volunteer Positions that must be filled before we commence competition. A link to sign up for these positions will be posted on our Facebook page at 6pm on the Wednesday night to each Friday Night Competition. WE WILL NOT COMMENCE COMPETITION UNTIL ALL OF THESE POSITIONS ARE FILLED. 


These volunteer positions will include tasks such as:

  • Timekeeping

  • Age Marshall

  • Assistant Age Marshall

  • Assisting in the canteen

  • Setting up equipment between 5pm and 6pm

If you have any questions about the Parent Help System or how you can get involved, please contact us on our Facebook Page, or email us at

How Can I Get My Parent Help Levy Refunded?

By helping out 10 times in any of the following positions.

  • Age Marshall: The coordinator of the age group.

  • Recorder: Records the athletes’ results on the provided paperwork at each event.

  • Measurer: Measures jumps and throws.

  • Retriever: Retrieves shot puts, discuses and javelins.

  • Barbeque: Assist with set up, cooking food and packing away of barbeque.

  • Equipment Set Up: Help place and set up equipment prior to commencement of competition.

  • Equipment Pack Up: Help pack away equipment. Required to remain until close of competition.

  • Canteen: Assist with serving food.

  • Timekeeper: Assist with timing competitors in track events.

  • Track Marshall: Place athletes in their lanes as per order of events (not first come first served) and ensure waiting athletes remain a minimum of 10 metres behind the starting line.

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