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Current Committee
Current Committee

Centre Manager: Kelly Lloyd

Secretary: Kelly Emmerig

Treasurer: David Frazer

Registrar: Tash Davis

Programs Officer: Christine Amorsen

Parent Liaison Officer: Loreen Kaliyati

General Committee Members: Sahtina Miller, Bel Boschma, Andrew Murray, Mark Mancini & Tenielle Casey


Equipment Manager: Steve Wright

Chief Recorder: Christine Amorsen

Recorders: Julie McCray and Michelle Mancini

Coaching Manager

Uniform Officers: Sahtina Miller & Christine Amorsen

Fundraising Officer: Sahtina Miller

Nominations Officers: Kim Frazer

Arena Manager: Christine Amorsen

Officials Officer: Tash Davis

Chief Starter: Steve Millar

Chief Timekeeper: David Frazer

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Committee Position Descriptions

Centre Manager:

  • Proper control, planning, implementation and coordination of the activities of the Centre and Centre Management Committee.

  • Chairing Centre Management Committee meetings and the proper conduct of such meetings and all competition meetings.

  • Providing the link between the Centre and Little Athletics Queensland.

  • Representing the Centre to outside bodies.

  • Ensuring discussion on and preparing of motions for the Association Conference when policy changes are considered necessary.


  • Attending Centre meetings, recording minutes and ensuring a copy of the minutes and financial statement of accounts is forwarded to the Association office.

  • Carrying out of correspondence on behalf of the Centre as directed by the Centre Committee.

  • Receipt of correspondence on behalf of the Centre and present all correspondence as received to the next Centre Management Committee meeting.

  • Retaining records/copies of all correspondence issued and received on behalf of the Centre. Maintaining an official correspondence filing system on behalf of the Centre.

  • Representing the Centre at functions and meetings as required by the Centre Manager.


  • Receive all payments, issue receipts and bank all funds into the Centre’s nominated bank account.

  • Keep a record of all financial accounts.

  • Provide statement of receipts and payments.

  • Present financial reports to committee at committee meetings.

  • Periodically reconcile the Centre’s financial situation.

  • Liaising and advising on submissions for sponsorship, capital improvements and other areas involving Centre funds.

  • Being present when all discussions take place on Centre finance.

  • Preparation and submission of Government Grant claims.


  • Operate the SportsTG Console to keep an accurate register of all athletes.

  • Ensure that all registration details are accurate.

  • Ensure that registrations of Little Athletes are submitted to the LAQ within two (2) weeks, together with the appropriate fee.

Program Officer:

  • Prepare a diary of the season’s activities from LAQ, Region, Inter-Centre and Centre competitions and championships.

  • Preparation of the Centre’s weekly competition program.

  • Prepare a cyclic programme for normal Centre competitions ensuring, as much as possible, that an equal number of events are conducted for each age group and that no particular type of event is neglected or favoured.

  • Supervise children on day of competition to ensure the programme is followed.

Parent Liaison Officer:

  • Acting as the liaison between parents and the Centre committee.

  • Consult with the Centre Manager to provide appropriate responses to conflicts.

  • Providing parents with relevant information.

  • Ensuring that new parents are familiar with procedures at Association days.

  • Maintain parent help roster and organise reimbursement of parent help fees as necessary.

  • Ensure that there are sufficient Age Marshalls for each age group prior to competition.

General Committee Position:

  • Attend all Centre committee meetings.

  • Provide insightful ideas and suggestions to the committee regarding the running of the club.

  • Interact with other parents and athletes of the club.

Equipment Manager:

  • Plan and implement the layout of track and field for Centre meetings.

  • Ensure the track and field is correctly marked for all events.

  • Ensure correct equipment is available and used at all meetings.

  • Make recommendations to the Committee in respect of the purchase of all equipment necessary.

  • Completion of annual stocktake. 

Chief Recorder:

  • Coordinate recording of competition results for all athletes.

  • Work with the recorders to ensure all competition results are accurately recorded into the ResultsHQ program.

  • Ensure that all athletes are able to view their results on MyResults.

  • Keeping of centre records. 

Coaching Manager:

  • Organise the coaching of athletes at the centre.

  • Liaise with the LAQ development staff regarding the organisation of coaching seminars for the education of Coaches and children from within the Centre.

  • Provide information and dates of coaching seminars for parents who are interested in becoming coaches.  

Uniform Officer:

  • Ensuring an adequate stock of uniforms is on supply.

  • Assist athletes with sizing of uniforms.

  • Coordinate the sale of uniforms.

  • Consult with the centre manager to order more stock.

Fundraising Officer:

  • Present fundraising ideas to the committee.

  • Organising and running of fundraising activities.

Arena Manager:

  • Monitor and supervise the running of weekly competitions. 

Officials Officer:

  • Organise Officials for weekly Centre competitions.

  • Organise Officials for Centre, Region and LAQ competitions as required.

  • Organise education of parents as officials and their subsequent attainment of qualifications.

Nominations Officer:

  • Receive nominations and payments for LAQ events.

  • Ensure nominations and payments are submitted to LAQ prior to closing dates.

  • Organise relay teams for Regional Relays.

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